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Ukraine Immigration Information Work Permit

If you are planning to work in Ukraine, you will need a visa. These must be arranged through your local consulate before travelling.

There are several types of work visa: business, tourist, permanent resident, representative of a religious mission, humanitarian aid, sports and cultural exchange, employment and student. Some require a letter of invitation from an organisation in Ukraine. A work permit, issued by the Ministry of Employment of Ukraine, must accompany employment visa applications.

An overview of a work permit:

• Ukrainian employers must obtain work permits for foreign nationals, who are either directly employed or seconded to work in Ukraine by foreign companies.
• The personnel of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine who are employed abroad as well as foreign nationals registered as private entrepreneurs under Ukrainian legislation are not required to obtain work permits for their work in Ukraine.
• A work permit may be issued for up to one year with subsequent renewal. The overall time of employment in Ukraine is not limited.
• The labour authorities must consider an application for a work permit within 30 days after its registration. The foreigner is not allowed start working in Ukraine until the work permit is issued.
• Non-compliance with the work permit requirements is subject to penalties, as well as potential summary deportation of the foreign national from Ukraine at the cost of the employer.





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