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Ukraine Communications


Ukraine, which inherited part of the former USSR system, had about 12.858 million telephone lines in 2007. In the same year, cellular phone service is widely available and there were an estimated 55.24 million subscribers.

The State Committee for Radio and Television controls broadcasting. Ukrainian TV broadcasts from Kiev. As of 2007, there were at least 524 radio stations and 647 television stations. In 2000, there were 889 radios and 456 television sets for every 1,000 people.

In 2001, 260 internet service providers were serving 750,000 users. In 2007, the number of internet users increased to 10 million.


Telephones - main lines in use :
12.858 million (2007)

Telephones - mobile cellular :
55.24 million (2007)

Telephone system :
general assessment: Ukraine's telecommunication development plan emphasizes improving domestic trunk lines, international connections, and the mobile-cellular system
domestic: at independence in December 1991, Ukraine inherited a telephone system that was antiquated, inefficient, and in disrepair; more than 3.5 million applications for telephones could not be satisfied; telephone density is rising and the domestic trunk system is being improved; about one-third of Ukraine's networks are digital and a majority of regional centres now have digital switching stations; improvements in local networks and local exchanges continue to lag; the mobile-cellular telephone system is expanding rapidly
international: country code - 380; 2 new domestic trunk lines are a part of the fibre-optic Trans-Asia-Europe (TAE) system and 3 Ukrainian links have been installed in the fibre-optic Trans-European Lines (TEL) project that connects 18 countries; additional international service is provided by the Italy-Turkey-Ukraine-Russia (ITUR) fibre-optic submarine cable and by an unknown number of earth stations in the Intelsat, Inmarsat and Intersputnik satellite systems

Radio broadcast stations :
524 (station types NA) (2006)

Television broadcast stations :
647 (2006)

Internet country code :

Internet hosts :
234,349 (2007)

Internet users :
10 million (2007)





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